Dec 12, 2011

Farm Frenzy Android App Review

My children love Farm Frenzy and we play it as a family. You start out with a Goose, a farm and a well and need to keep them fed and watered, while making money. You can purchase more animals that are useful as you move through the levels. Not sure what the cat does, but a dog will help keep the bears away. But then, those bears sell for good money! You can also build and upgrade workshops to make things from the materials you have gathered from the animals.

There is a little education in the game as the kids learn that the easiest thing to make isn't what sells for the most money and what it is worth to upgrade. A little time and patience and you can make a better product to sell. But mostly it is a cute and addictive game for the whole family, ages 5 and up. One of our favorite paid Android Apps so far.

Price: $1.99
Tested on: Xoom Tablet

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