Jun 8, 2013

Top 10 Fonts for Google Docs

If you aren't using Google Drive yet, you should be! While it isn't perfect (yet) the mobility and ability to share seamlessly make it my go to document editor.

Google Drive is great for functionality, but I want beautiful documents that are easy on the eyes. To do that you need to install additional fonts into Google Docs from the Fonts Menu.  There are over 450 fonts to choose from, but these are the best new fonts in Google Web Fonts:
Coming Soon
Crafty Girls
Fredericka the Great
Homemade Apple
Love Ya Like a Sister
Mountains of Christmas
Vast Shadow

Adding these 10 fonts to the basic preinstalled fonts will help you develop attractive and creative documents quickly.

Currently you cannot add new fonts to Google Spreadsheets (or Google Sheets, or whatever they are calling it this week). I'm sure that will change in the near future and it will work similarly.

Quick video of how to add the new fonts to Google Docs:


  1. i think your blog very informative, thanks for sharing.
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    Ahli Seo

  2. momoton is not a font on google docs anymore

  3. Using my android doc app that option isnt there. I have maybe 10 to choose from.

    1. You need to follow the instructions to add new fonts to Google docs.

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