Mar 27, 2015

Cardboard - Google's VR Device

My kids are big gamers and when they first heard about Oculus Rift they were EXCITED! Then we learned that a very inexpensive piece of folded cardboard can simulate the Virtual Reality (VR) experience, and we had to get one! During my volunteer work for Hour of Code I brought our Cardboard to a 5th grade classroom and the kids absolutely LOVED it.

I thought Google Cardboard would make a great gift for Christmas to my Android and iPhone owning family members. Unofficial Cardboard (aproximately $15) was the device I chose. Although Amazon has several options available. There are two different sizes depending on the size of your phone/device.

You can find a growing list of apps that bring the VR experience to your Android from the Play Store HERE. A few of my current favorites are:

Cardboard - The official app by Google that includes a few fun VR experiences, including Windy Day, Google Earth and a tour of Versailles.

Tuscany Dive - This is a great first experience into VR! You can explore in and around a villa in Tuscany. Look at your feet to begin walking, and away you go!

Cartoon Village VR - Fun little walk around for kids

Orbulus, for Cardboard VR - This app has several different photo spheres you can explore.


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