Apr 3, 2015

Open Table Free Reservations

If you like to eat out, you need Open Table! It is an extremely simple reservation system that lets you pick available table times at over 32,000 restaurants.  "It's Uber for restaurants" as one reviewer describes it best. I find it works great when you know the exact resturant you want to book. Enter the number of diners in your party and the time you want to reserve. If that time is not available, it will return with alternative times to choose from. It is super simple, free and sends you a reminder when the date/time gets near.

I find Open Table easier to use than a phone call to the restaurant, since it is so quick. Log in with your Google Account from your Android device for quickest access. You cannot book two restaurants at the same time, in case you are ever need to do that.

You will also find restaurant reviews, specials and private dining options (for large party planning or special occasions). Menus and photos are sometimes available directly on Open Table, while other times there is a link the individual website. In all, it makes for a reliable open stop shopping for dining.

Recently Open Table has also added the ability to pay for your restaurant tab directly from the app, but I haven't tried that yet. When you are away from your mobile device, their website www.opentable.com is also a great tool.

Get Open Table for Android HERE


  1. We use open table app everywhere we travel This app is great. We use it in every city we travel to, from Chicago to Washington DC. I especially like that you can preview menus before choosing a restaurant. I often request seating in a booth or along a wall (don't like being in the middle of a restaurant) and restaurants always accommodate my request when I make the reservation.

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