Jan 11, 2010

CadioTrainer App Review

GPS Exercise Apps are big for the active Smartphone crowd, and I really miss the wonderful Runkeeper I had on my iPhone. So I'm in search of an Android App that will help me track my fitness goals! I have tried several of the free GPS Exercise
Apps and CardioTrainer by Worksmart Labs is, hands down, the leader.

There are a few quirks you'll want to work through before you take it out. First the is the AutoPause. Its a great feature if you are working out in a non-wooded area with great GPS coverage and you run fast. But my workout doesn't meet any of that criteria! So over a dozen times I heard the British accented trainer inform me "Workout Paused" and eventually "Workout Resumed". Sure enough when I was done, there were several small gaps in my run. But the good news is that you can change the AutoPause settings and even turn it off, which I recommend.

There are audio prompts that you can alter the settings for that are really nice. It tells you at the set intervals how far you've come and your pace/speed depending on your settings. You can switch between miles/km and also use it as a Pedometer for indoor treadmill exercise (a feature I did not test). There are several other settings that you are allowed to adjust that help make this a great app!

You can also integrate with your Facebook profile and it will show up in your news feed. From Facebook search for the Application CardioTrainier and allow it access. You will need to enter your unique ID which can be found on your Setting Screen on your phone. But beware, it shows all the details of your workout including map detail.

One thing I haven't figured out is the accuracy. I've taken two different Android GPS Apps on my regular run and both show that it is over a mile longer then RunKeeper told me. Looking at the GPS trail on the map after the workout is complete, CardioTrainer seems to be very true to my actual route and doesn't make any straight-line assumptions. My workout has lots of switchbacks, and like I mention is in the woods, so its hard to track with certainty. Worksmart Labs website says the CardioTrainer is a Beta product, so maybe that explains it.

While it's not perfect, it is a great app and the exercise GPS tracker I will use on a regular basis!

Price: Free
Phones Tested On: Nexus One


  1. Thanks again for such a nice review, it's wonderful to see that you've been enjoying the application so much!

    Both of the quirks that you mention are actually related to GPS reception. If you're not in an area with a perfect GPS signal, your device will have a hard time telling if you're stopped moving, and Autopause won't do a very good job of starting and stopping. If this is the case, disabling it is the best option until we can improve it. You gave very sound advice.

    As for the accuracy, GPS is a tricky signal to deal with but we've been doing our best to give the most accurate routes possible. The signal can vary a lot depending on where the satellites are, if you've got a clear shot to the sky, etc. You might notice that the distances of your workouts are a little longer than usual because your device might be able to sense you're running a straight line.

    But we're working on all of these things, and it's always awesome to see such enthusiastic users. Please keep us posted with questions and comments, we depend on the feedback as we continue to develop the app!

    All the best,
    Charlie on behalf of the WorkSmart family

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