Jan 22, 2010

Draw! App Review

At first I thought the Draw! app was just to simple and my kids would never be interested in it.Then I went to grab my new Nexus One off the charger and couldn't find it. I discovered it in thehands of my 5 year old, using Draw! and discovered that it is one of his favorite Android Apps, much to my surprise.

Draw! starts out as a simple black screen. Use your finger to start drawing and the black lights up at your touch. The menu button brings up options, like different sized brushes, double clicking the brushes lets you chose your colors. Somehow a 5 year old intuitively knew this, when none of it was obvious to me.
It is such a simple yet fun App, I had to include a few of the drawings we did! Just when you think this is all it can do, then you discover something else! From the Menu choose More: Import to choose photos from your Gallery to manipulate. More: Preferences lets you choose Clear with Flip n' Shake. Other options let you share your creation on Social Media sites (twitter, facebook, etc) and email them.

Price: Free with Ads/ € 1.68
Phone tested on: Nexus One


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