Jan 4, 2010

Mommy Has a Nexus One!

Okay, so I made the big switch and upgraded from the iPhone to the Nexus One a.k.a the Google Phone! Moms have to roll in style too, right? I have made a short video of my phone and my favorite features. I am no technical expert, so sorry if I concentrate on the superficial stuff.

The main reason I decided to upgrade from an iPhone to the Nexus One was phone coverage. I was tired of dropping calls several times a day. I had been doing that for 2 1/2 years and had not seen a phone that could take calls and do everything intuitively the iPhone could do. Until now.

Compared to the iPhone, the Nexus One is:
* Smaller, slimmer, lighter
* Faster overall, loads web pages faster
* Can run multiple programs at once - completely unlike the iPhone.
* Completely integrated with Google products! My gmail, Google Calendar, Latitude, Picassa and Google Voice all work beautifully on my phone now.
* Updated my friends contact photo with hteir Facebook profile photo, if they have one
* Much cheaper, given my service plan with T-Mobile. I will save big bucks each month ($50) over my AT&T plan. Thankfully, I was out of contract and had purposely not upgraded to the 3Gs just for this reason. It paid off, big time.

So far, I love it! I do not miss my iPhone at all. Sure, I miss a couple of Apps, but I can take a call with confidence now. My favorite thing? The seamless integration with Picassa! I basically have every photo I've ever taken on any camera available on my phone! Perfect!

If you have an Android App that is perfect for kids and family, drop me a line at androidmom@gmail.com. I will begin reviewing apps shortly! I am already missing my favorite iPhone apps (Runkeeper Pro which promises to be porting soon, Grocery IQ and my kids love PocketGod) but I'm sure to find new apps which are equally good.


  1. Came through your twitter post.
    That's really quick of you to get your hands on the phone already. Considering they JUST announced it.

  2. I came across your post through a Twitter comment. Thanks for the review. Like Winnie, I'm amazed that you have one already. Kudos. I'm on Verizon, so I'm thinking about toughing it out until the spring instead of switching carriers.


  3. Wow. Great demo! Thanks for the quick tour. Makes me wish I had my app ported to Android already!

    Would love to see a blog on how the apps compare to the iPhone and from one platform to another. And hear about your experience of the Android app marketplace.

    I now have this page bookmarked. I am excited to see what comes next!


  4. The LED flash left "dots" in your friends eyes when you took a picture!!! NOW THAT'S A FLASH!!!!

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