Jan 28, 2010

Nexus One Dock

The Nexus One has its first accessory, and its a good one! The Nexus One Dock serves several purposes and I'm not even sure I've figured them all out yet.

1. Its a Phone Charger
2. It activates a Clock Application (great for travel!)
3. It has Bluetooth and an Audio input

#1 and #2 are very useful and functional... but #3 is newsworthy! Here is a quick walkthrough of my Nexus One Dock:


  1. I love your blog! I have now bookmarked it. Great to hear some Android reviews from a real person, not a tech person!

  2. Ok, that's actually cooler than I thought it would be. Will it keep playing music if you lift the phone from it's dock if you don't do the pairing first? Or will it always work once you've paired the devices?

  3. Jens - Im going to refilm this. Apparently it will keep playing when you pair it first. Which I had, but this was day 1 it was released Im thinking an update maybe fixed what you saw happened in the video - that the music stopped and I had to re-pair.

    randomguyweird - Thanks!

  4. Too bad the dock doesn't act as a generic a2dp receiver and only pairs with the nexus one. Sometimes I would love to stream to it from my laptop or other device but for no apparent reason this functionality doesn't exist.

  5. Also the behavior when putting placing it in the dock and picking it up with regard to pairing/unpairing is just silly. It would have been much better if it paired automatically on docking but then stayed paired when undocked.

    Part of the issue is it is such a pain in android to manage paired devices, there should be a quick widget for selecting particular devices and services to connect/disconnect instead of having to go to settings->wireless-bluetooth settings->deviceX(long press)->serviceY

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