Jan 19, 2010

What's a Widget?

There are so many things I love about my Nexus One, things that the iPhone could't do. One of those things is the concept of Widgets. They are "live icons" that live on your Home Screen. They are typically larger then an icon, thus take up more space. Each one is a different size, some as small as an icon, while others take up half the screen.

What's the purpose? They allow you to access information directly from the Home Screen without launching an App.

A few of the Widgets I use daily are:
  • Facebook - scroll through friends statuses and update your own
  • Weather - Location based weather is displayed
  • Google Reader - Displays the number of unread feeds
  • Youtube - Upload videos taken on the N1
  • Astrid - To Do list management
What Widgets do yo love on the Nexus One?


  1. Honestly, it seemed stupid at first, but one of my favorite widgets is the LOL sites widget. It just makes me chuckle every time I see a new silly lolcat. And those few chuckles a day are totally worth it to me.

    Second on my list is Beautiful Widgets. Now that it supports themes, it's the nicest clock on a phone I've seen.

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