Jan 6, 2010

Who Says the Nexus One Can't Do Multitouch?

With all the buzz about the Nexus One the one I keep hearing most is that it doesn't support multitouch. So, here is a video I just made with my Nexus One using multitouch via the Dolphin Browser. I understand there are a few other Apps that make use of multitouch too, but I haven't tried them.

As a long term iPhone user, multitouch was something I used in the beginning. It is super cool to show off, right?! But really, in everyday use it wasn't something I used. But either way, here it is:


  1. Hmmmm...

    Hope Google'll post a new firmware with multitouch.

  2. Basically, Dolphin Browser offers this feature because the application was designed & written so as to include it. It's that simple. Of course, the backstory is more involved (and has been explained, elsewhere, many times before), but I'll try to be brief.

    'Multi-touch' functionality _is_ enabled, under Android v2.0 ('Eclair') and v2.1*, but availability is application-dependent. In other words, each application must be coded to support it just like any other system feature. Obviously, some developers might not want this functionality and/or might prefer to limit it's use in their apps.

    Notably, _no_ native Google apps support this feature. And, so far as I am aware, nobody at Google has come out with a definitive explanation for this. But speculation centers around Apple's numerous iPhone-related patents (famously, Steve Jobs said they filed for 200+) and trademarks...which is why you won't see the term 'multi-touch' in Google literature.

    Hope this helps.


    * In fact, multi-touch' is also built into Android v1.6 ('Donut'), but must be enabled at the OS level.

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