Feb 11, 2010

BabyBump App Review

If you or your partner are pregnant and have an Android phone, you need BabyBump. Its a great little app that helps you document your pregnancy and its progress. Enter in your Due Date or LMP, and you are set to go! I was a big fan of BabyCenter.com when I was pregnant, and this app reminds me of that experience. BabyBump gives you weekly updates on your baby's progress, size and what it may look like. There is input for daily journal entries, weight, stomach circumference, photos. It is a great way to document this very special time in your life!

There are also some cool features for when you get closer to your due date, such as a Kick Counter and Contraction Timer. It is also integrated with Social Media sites Twitter and Facebook, and you can email Journal Entries and Contractions to anyone you want. They have a great support site at http://www.alt12.com/support which is unusual for an Android App. BabyBump is also available for the iPhone and PalmPre.

Price: $2.99
Phone Tested On: G1

disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this program to review

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