Feb 1, 2010

Barcode Scanner App Review

The name Barcode Scanner says it all! But if you are new to the power of the smartphone, you may not realize that this is a must have App. First, you will have noticed here at the Android Mom I include the QR barcode for each App I review. Why? If you have Barcode Scanner on your Android, all you have to do is scan my review and it takes you directly to the Android Market's page for that app.

Great, right? Well, there's more. Use Barcode Scanner on any UPC, the identification barcode on most all products, and it will look it up in Google's Shopping search and give you the price at several outlets. Use it while shopping to see if your store has the best price. It isn't always right, as these codes are not always unique. It thought my box of Kleenex was a Dora the Explorer Backpack. But when it works, which is most of the time, it works really great.

Price: Free
Phone tested on: Nexus One, G1


  1. I prefer ShopSavvy. I tested it against Barcode Scanner after reading your review with a copy of The Bourne Ultimatium Blu Ray. Barcode didn't recognize it. ShopSavvy instantly recognized it, gave me a screenshot of the box cover along with web prices, local prices, and links for reviews.

  2. Is ShopSavvy an App in the Android market??

  3. Barcode scanner isn't meant to replace ShopSavvy (or something like it).

    Barcode scanner is great for reading barcodes for other purposes, especially the 2D barcodes that contain urls and contact information.

    ShopSavvy does use the Zebra Crossing libraries for its own scanning, though, so they are integrated to some degree. But I find their purposes to be very much different.