Feb 21, 2010

How To: Sync to Facebook

Have tons of friends on Facebook? Well, you aren't alone! Another great feature on Android phones is the ability to Sync your contacts with your Facebook account.

How To (from the Nexus One):
1. From you Home Screen, press the Menu button
2. Choose Accounts & Sync Settings
3. Add Account from the button at the bottom
4. Choose FaceBook and enter your login information
5. Make sure that the Sync Button to the right of the Facebook account is green

I sync it once and then turn it off, so that it isn't always updating or looking for new data. When you go to contacts you should see your Facebook friends added. For contacts you already had on your phone that are also on Facebook, you should now see the Facebook Profile Photo as the Contact Photo.

Now how cool is that?


  1. Hey Android Mommy, I had some questions for you, I know you have owned a iphone, now that you have had the nexus one for awhile would you go back to the iphone or are you totally done with apple

  2. Hi Michael - I got an iPhone the wk they first came out and I loved it for more then 2yrs. I was not particularly an Apple fan before. My husband had a G1 and I never had any interest in it. But the Nexus One is a whole different horse in the Android market. I would not go back to the iPhone. N1 can do everything single thing the iPhone can, plus so many more things. I love my N1 and we are going to see really big things from Google and Android phone developers in the near future I think!

  3. Thank you, what you said is a big help. There are alot of reasons why im abandoning ship from apple but one big one is EVERYONE HAS ONE NOW...lol. Also it doesnt seem like there moving in any direction as far as software improvement. Keep doin what your doin cause im listening.

  4. Michael:

    On the flip side, I've been an iPhone user for 2+ years and recently bought a Google Nexus One to develop some Android applications on. I've been using it as my primary phone for the past month, but I'm switching back to the iPhone next week.

    Now, what I'm about to write is going to sound like one long list of complaints. I'd like to first sat that the Nexus One *is* a nice phone, and if the iPhone hadn't existed before it (and I hadn't owned one), I think I'd be super-impressed with the Nexus. That said, I *have* used an iPhone previously, and in my opinion the Nexus is lacking in many areas. Here are some of the things I've noticed:

    1. Multitasking sounds like a great idea, but in practice it's a pain. I've installed a number of apps on my Nexus, and a bunch of them start up & run in the background. In many cases I don't want them to (ie: my RSS news reader doesn't really need to run all the time, especially when I've told it that I manually update my newsfeeds).

    2. There is no standardized way to manage/close background tasks. There are two task-related buttons on the Nexus. The "back" button and the "home" button. Pressing the home button puts an app into the background. Pressing back supposedly quits apps instead - but it varies on an app-by-app basis (ie: in the Browser, back takes you back to the previous page). So, if you want to manage your tasks, you have to download a 3rd party task manager, and then keep an eye on what is running.

    3. No standardized UI. Apple's Human Interface Guidelines ensure that most applications have familiar, consistent user interfaces. No such document exists for the Android platform, resulting in a mishmash of ugly user interfaces and different behaviours between applications.

    4. Android Marketplace is a pain to navigate. There is no desktop Web UI for the Android Marketplace - you must access it on the phone, and it's no fun to browse. The only way to really find interesting stuff is to search. A lot.

    5. Lots of spam comments in the Android Marketplace. Really, Google messed up on this one.

    6. Poor touchscreen sensitivity + smaller onscreen keyboard keys = annoying. I have small fingers, so I didn't expect this to be a problem. But it frequently is. It's a lot easier to mistype things on the Nexus' onscreen keyboard than the iPhone's. I guess that's one of the reasons why the Nexus includes Voice recognition.

    7. Horrid media player, no built-in support for podcasts, and no decent 3rd party podcast player (Google Listen is mediocre).

  5. 8. The phone doesn't ring very loudly at all. The existing Android software fixes for this don't work on the Nexus One.

    9. While the "speak-anywhere" voice recognition is nice, the actual voice controls are poor compared to the iPhone's. Voice dialling doesn't always seem to work for me, whereas the iPhone worked consistently. The Nexus One also lacks the iPhone's ability to control your music via voice (handy in the car).

    10. Poor battery life. I'm glad I bought a 2nd battery. I'm a heavy data-user, and my iPhone 3GS could go a couple days on a charge. The Nexus, with the backlight set to medium, GPS on, and WiFi on for about 1/2 the time, gets a day and a little bit on a charge. I'm guessing this is in part due to the higher-resolution screen, but also due to all those little apps running in the background.

    11. Can't sync more than 1 calendar to the phone.

    12. Video camera app doesn't pay attention to the accelerometer - if you turn the phone sideways to record video, the video file isn't rotated - so your vids appear sideways on your computer.

    Wow. That's a long list. There are probably another 5 or 6 items that I could list but I was originally planning to keep it to 10 points.

    Now, as I said: none of the above (with perhaps the exception of the battery life) make the Nexus One a poor phone. Android certainly has many positives over the iPhone (I love the pull-down msg notification for instance, and the display is gorgeous). But, I figured that an opposing view wouldn't hurt. I expect AndroidMom can provide you with a whole list of positives about the phone.

    All I know is that it's not the right phone for me. While I'm happy that I bought it as a development platform, I'm switching back to my iPhone asap.

  6. Hi Mike, thanks for your detailed comments. But I have to directly disagree with a few of them as incorrect. For example, I have about 10 calendars sync'd with no problem at all. Standard ringtones are quiet, but I used RingDroid to make a new one and its plenty loud. And multi-tasking is really wonderful! Come on, I can test apps side by side and do 3 different things at once. I was always annoyed by the lack of this on the iPhone. (GPS track my run, use Pandora for my music, and take a photo of the deer I just passed) Sure, some apps are annoying and Id just like to close them easier. But the N1 experience is more about your personal preferences and how you implement them, instead of how Steve Jobs wants you to use it.

    But its not for everyone, and I don't regret selling my iPhones at all. Still loving my N1!

  7. Wow that was really well put by everybody...Im still sick of apple and im def switchin over at the end of the summer. I love the personal options of android and just overall the improvments they have made in the last 5 months, it def seems like there headed in the right direction and has the case for apple its taken them 4 years...and there still not all there...im doin things on my JAILBROKEN iphone that steve jobs decides to say no too. Android here I come