Feb 8, 2010

Listen App Reivew

Music and podcast management is one of the areas that Android is easily outshined by iPhone. I don't really understand why someone (Hello, Amazon! Are you listening?) hasn't stepped up and claimed the Android Music market. Manage our music and podcasts, and we will buy our music from you! It's simple. While I am still trying to decide on my music app, Listen is my podcast app.

Listen is a Google app to manage and listen to podcasts. Technically it is a Google Labs product, which basically means it is in beta... in other words it may be buggy. It also means if it isn't successful, Google may dump it.

I found it easy to use, find and subscribe to the podcasts I was looking for. Want a podcast that isn't listed? Simply choose ADD from the menu and type in the URL. You can simply listen to a podcast or Subscribe. If you pause it, Listen remembers where you left off.

My husband complains that it doesn't have the latest podcasts for Cranky Geeks. Apparently it only goes 10 or so podcasts. Others report its just plain buggy. But they told us that up front, so remember that. If you are having trouble I suggest going to Settings and tweak the setup there.

Price: Free
Phones test on: Nexus One

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