Feb 3, 2010

Seesmic App Review

There are lots of choices for twitter Apps on Android, and as an avid tweeter, this was an important choice for me. I have found Seesmic to be a professionally developed App, yet free and easy to use. There is also a desktop and Blackberry version.

You can do pretty much everything from Seesmic that you can do directly from twitter, plus more. Want to post a tweet you saw to Facebook, text or email? No problem. Upload photos and video from your Android are easy too. Downside of Seesmic? It can't handle multiple twitter accounts and it takes a few taps to get the Compose screen. But for now, it is my twitter App of choice.

Update: Seesmic has added support for multiple accounts in a new update. Now I love Seesmic unconditionally!

Price: Free
Phones tested on: Nexus One

1 comment:

  1. Seesmic was updated today. It can now handle multiple accounts among other improvements!