Feb 21, 2010

SMS Popup Review

If you are a previous iPhone user you will love SMS Popup! It makes sure you don't miss any SMS messages on your Android phone. Instead of them only showing up in your status bar, they pop up on your active screen very similar to how how they do on the iPhone. You can also reply directly from the pop up, see a photo the contact sending the message and delete the message.

The setup menu has tons of options to only you to control how the messages appear. The developer is also very interactive with users of the app on his personal blog (see below). My only issue is that is still shows up in your status bar and will have to cleared separately.

Price: Free
Phone Tested On: Nexus One


  1. For the issue with the notification icon not going away, see here:
    (full disclosure: I'm the developer of the app)

    Thanks for the review :)

  2. Hi.
    Good review.
    This was one of the first apps I downloaded when i first got my hero. I can't believe that google left out something that even the idiotic nokia team remembered to include!

    I love the app. the only reason I uninstalled it was because I suffered noticeable battery life drop with it installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled many times over the period of a month and noticed that the battery life was less by about 3hours.

    Will try the newer versions tonight and see how it is!