Mar 17, 2010

RingDroid Review

The Nexus One comes with some pretty cool ringtones, but they were all a little too geeky for me. That is why I love RingDroid! I remember when I got my iPhone and found out I would have to pay to turn songs I already owned into ringtones. I was not happy about that and quickly found ways around it.

RingDroid has a perfect little interface that takes all the music already on your phone and lets you set the beginning and end segments you want played. Once saved you can assign it to all calls or individual callers. You could not, however assign it as a Notification Ringtone. It is very easy to use and assign the ringtones you just made.

When my Husband calls, now I hear the intro to Joan Jett's 18. So how cool is that?

Price: Free
Phone Tested On: Nexus One

1 comment:

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