May 29, 2010

My Days Review

My Days is a great App for Women and is exclusive to Android. Trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant? Or just a women who wants to plan ahead? My Days is a very simple App that you will love. Once the App is installed you can enter the start day of last menstrual cycle. The App will guesstimate your fertile days and next start date based on that. Each month you enter the exact date it started and the App will figure out your regular cycle.

My Doctor always asks "Date of you last period?" and for the first time ever in my life I could answer it accurately thanks to My Days. If you are a Mother with daughters and keep track of that sort of thing, you can have multiple accounts on one phone to track them. I also like how you can add Notes to any day here. The only thing I can think that would make it better is adding a subtle note to Google Calendar!

Price: Free
Phone Tested On: Nexus One


  1. I downloaded this app about a month ago or so while I was still pregnant with my son. I am now 10 days postpartum and I am going to use this app for Natural Family Planning. It is so easy to use!

  2. The app is great as long as your phone does not break. In my case, my Samsung Galaxy stopped reading the SD card. I lost ALL the period tracking I had for 4 months. I had to start over and that was very disappointing. Is there a way to save your data in the event your phone dies? If not, there should be.

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