May 29, 2010

Where's My Droid Review

I would love to tell you I've never, not even once, lost my cell phone. However, that would be a lie. I conveniently seem to lose it when the ringer has been turned off or down too. I walk around my house and car listening for the vibrating phone. Once I found my son had packed into his toy chest when he was done playing a game. Nice.

Where's My Droid to the Rescue! Seriously, this App should come shipped on all Android phones. It has a few really cool features:

1. Turns on the ringer to high volume so you can look for the phone. Text the code "Wheres my droid" to the phone.
2. If you still can't find your phone it will send the GPS corrdinates back to you.Text "GPS my droid".
3. The paid version ($1) comes with a few additional features, most notably it adds a custom Button to your home screen that allows anyone who finds your phone to find your contact info.

Of course with this app, your phone has to actually be on AND lost. I love that the developer of this app is a college student just doing what he loves. I will definitely be getting the paid version of this app! He has a few instructional videos here that will help you get started.

Price: $1 (So worth it!), Free version too
Phone Tested On: Nexus One
Developer: alienmanfc6 - Brad Degelau


  1. Thank you,thank you, thank you for reviewing the "where's my phone" app. This will be the very first app I put on my Droid X when it arrives. I am always loosing my bberry now. So this will come in handy.

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