May 29, 2010

Word Up! Review

Having a few good time killing games on your Android is imperative, right? Word Up! is a great choice and you get to use your brain a little bit too. It is basically an Android version of Boggle. A grid is presented with letters. Drag your fingers over the connecting letters to make words. Use the menu to ROTATE the puzzle and view the letters from a different perspective. When you are done your score is given and the present of words on the puzzle you found. You can also see a full list of words, including those you didn't discover.

This is a really well done game, and one of the better FREE word games I have seen. On the settings screen you can also change the timing and screen layout by adding a bigger word grid. It was a little difficult for my young children, but kept my husband and I busy for a bit.

Price: Free or $2.99 without ads
Phone Tested On: NexusOne
Developer: Anthrological


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