Jun 26, 2010

AK Notepad Review

Since I upgraded from my iPhone to the Nexus One I've been missing the simple Note App that came standard from Apple. I used that App quite a bit! AK Notepad does everything my old iPhone App did, plus lots more.

I am sure there are lots of Notepad Apps out there, but this is the one I will be using. I like to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and apparently so does AK Notepad. The first line of your note is the Notes title, but you can change it too. You can also share your note via email or many other Social Media Apps you also have installed. There is also a Timer to set reminders. I use this frequently when I am waiting to pick up my kids. I use for Blog ideas, ToDo lists, etc.

The developer of AK Notepad also makes 3banana Notes which syncs across iPhone, iPad, Android, and web. If you need something a little more hard working, check it out.

Price: Free
Developer: Snaptic
Phone Tested On: Nexus One

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