Jul 28, 2010

Reader Widget Free Review

Google Reader is how I manage my own blogs and read the blogs I regularly follow. It is a great tool to stay on top of your web reading. If you don't already use an RSS Reader, I highly recommend it. Reader Widget Free is an excellent way to use Google Reader from your Android.

By integrating a Reader with a Widget you can easily see your unread items from your Home Screen without having to launch the app. By downloading the app you can then install either a Small, Medium or Large Widget that has many options for what you can see. I recommend organizing your Google Reader blogs and setting up categories of blogs in aptly named folders on your PC so it is easier to use from your smartphone

For more information on Widgets on your Android click HERE.

Price: Free/ Pro .50 UK
Developer: Ubikapp

Jul 10, 2010

Voice Recorder Review

Ever have a brilliant idea and want to record it? Sometimes it feels like in the moment, stopping the writing something down the idea loses its heart. Voice Recorder is a simple and FREE App that lets you do just that. Maybe the idea won't be so brilliant later, but hey, at least you can remember what it was!

You can send your recording via email and it has several playback options. I found the quality to be very good, and it did exactly what I expected. The developer has several other high quality Apps available in the Android Market. By choosing the pay version of this App you can get a few more features including: convert recording to MP3 and auto email voice recordings.

Price: Free
Developer: Mamoru Tokashiki
Phone Tested On: