Aug 10, 2010

Pop Math - Educational Kids App Review

When you can combine a little fun with eduction and slap it on your smartphone, you have a winner in my opinion. My son is a math whiz, but even a math whiz needs a math app to be fun and Pop Math delivers. This is the kind of app I love to find and share with my children.

The Lite, or free, version you can only choose All Operators where all the math operators are thrown up on the screen as little bubbles. The four equations and four answers floating in different colored and sized bubbles that you must match up. The app keeps score and encourages you as you move through the levels, keeping track of errors and the time you finish each level.

In the paid version of Pop Math (for a mere .99) you can choose the operator you want to work on (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) specifically. Or you can still choose All Operators to make it a little more difficult. This is a really great app that is a perfect challenge for elementary age kids.

Price: Free for Lite/.99
Phone Tested On: Nexus One
Developer: Laurent Denoue


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