Sep 10, 2010

Google Voice Search featuring Voice Actions

Google Voice Search lets you go completely hands free on your Android for nearly a dozen functions. One of the most useful apps you could have! The app is for Android 2.2 smartphones and is launched by pressing and holding the SEARCH button. This is not just voice input, but giving commands and launching apps via voice.

Key words and which app they launch:
Go To - Web browser
Listen To - Music player, which you can customize to be a non-Google app
Navigate To - Navigation in Google Maps
Send Text - Messaging
Call - Phone
Send Email - Email
Map Of - Map
Note To Self - Email
Directions To - Navigation in Google Maps

This is just a start of what Google plans to do with Voice Actions, and expect it to be integrated into third party apps as well.
This should really be standard on all Android phones, but you need to download it from the Market Place. The naming of this app is a little strange, and frankly it's hard to find other reviews on it. For more info, go straight to the Mothership.

Price: Free
Phone Tested On: Nexus One
per: Google, Inc

App Review: Angry Birds

Apparently iPhone/iPad users are crazy for Angry Birds, but now Android fans can hurl the miffed little birds too! This is a really cute game with a story behind it. It's a little hard to explain why these birds are SO angry... so I'll let them speak for themselves.

The is a lot like Boom Blox on Wii. It is also available on Palm and Ovi smartphones.

Here is a longer review for Apple devices that gives some how-to advice.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy hurling birds at green pigs!

Price: Free (game is in Beta now, expect a pay version soon)
Developer: Rovio
Phone Tested on: Nexus One