Dec 12, 2010

App Review: Pocket God

Pocket God on Android is the most exciting thing to happen in awhile, as far as my kids are concerned. This was their last remaining regret with the family's upgrade from iPhone to Android last Christmas. So it is the perfect gift this year.

Pocket God lets you control the lives of five cute little island Pygmies. You can be a nice caring God and supply food and bathroom breaks, or you could feed them to the volcano and sharks. It's all up to you! There is no "winning" this game, it is all discovery and experience. Tilt your phone to the side and they simply slide off their island, into the sea and awaiting shark. Tap the screen a few times and they begin a ritual dance. Swirl your finger and start a Hurricane. And the list goes on...

Adults may get bored quickly with this game, but my kids (aged 6 and 9) can play it for hours. Just about when things get old a new update will come out or they will discover a hidden mini game and respark their interest.

Pros: Most fun my kids have ever had on a smartphone. Period.

Cons: The install is really large - the largest app I have ever installed. There are also reports of it crashing on lots of different phones. But this is version 1.0 and the folks at Pocket God are good about continues updates. Check the link below to see if you version is officially supported.

Price: .99
Developer: Ngmoco via Bolt
Tested on: Nexus One