Jan 16, 2011

App Review: Rocket Bunnies

Rocket Bunnies is one of the funnest and most original games I have run across on the Android. I was pleased to find that the kids enjoyed it as much as I did. The goal is fill your bunny up with carrots as he travels through different galaxies. He must dodge asteroids, space spiders, electricity and other hazards to reach his goal.

It got difficult pretty quickly and the 6 yr old just resorted to watching up play. But it was perfect to the keep the 9 yr old engaged! This is an extremely fun game! Nice FAQ on the game HERE. The developers say it should also be available on Apple devices (is anyone still using the iPhone or iPad?) soon.

Price: FREE!
Device Tested On: Nexus One (Issues with pre 2.2 versions of Android, see FAQ)
Developer: Defiant Development

Jan 11, 2011

App Review: Alchemy

I have really been impressed with educational games on Android lately. Add Alchemy to the list and get the tiny Chemist in your house psyched up for it. This game has the whole family addicted! You begin with 4 elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Combine them and see what you get. Then combine the newly created elements to get up to 360 new elements. Sound boring and more like a Middle School science class? Then wait until you add your newly created Snake to Electricity and create an Electric Eel. Or adding Air to a Worm for a Butterfly. The list goes on and on! Apparently, with enough creations I can create Man! So far we have 146 elements created...

As long as the child is of reading age, they should enjoy it. But seriously adults will love it too ( I made Vodka,  the Flu and a vampire!). If you are ready to learn and have fun, Alchemy is a great app. There is a Free Ad supported version. Seriously think about upgrading to ad free to support this innovative developer.

If you need a little help getting started, check out Android Tapp's video walkthrough:

Price: Free (Ad Supported)/ $4.95 (No Ads)
Tested On: Nexus One/Nexus S

Jan 9, 2011

Pocket God - Now with Double Rainbow!

The makers of Pocket God never disappoint, and sure Android is several months behind Apple on this app... but oh my gawd, what does it mean? Double Rainbow is now available on Pocket God for Android! It's almost a full on double rainbow, almost a triple rainbow, oh my, I think I'm going to cry....

Seriously, does Double Rainbow ever get old? Not to my kids, but I was really surprised by how many people heard the reference and never enjoyed the original. So here goes:

Updates to Pocket God, which are plentiful on Apple devices and should be forth coming on Android, aare free. It's the App that keeps on giving.

Price: .99
Developer: Ngmoco via Bolt
Tested on: Nexus One, Nexus S (did not work on G1)

Jan 4, 2011

App Review: RunKeeper and RunKeeper Pro for Android

First let me say that RunKeeper Pro is the best exercise app on the iPhone and I used it for over two years before I switched to Android. When I switched RunKeeper was not available on Android so I had to search for a great exercise app and decided the CardioTrainer is the best. Now a full featured RunKeeper Pro is finally available on Android and just in time for my Half Marathon training and is FREE (a $9.99 value) for the month of January!

RunKeeper Pro has lots of social options, allowing you to share your workouts on Twitter and Facebook. It also allows you to control how much you share. You can even turn on RunKeeper Live so friends can track your progress as you go. (Might be fun for a big race, but a little creepy otherwise) You can set prompts to announce your progress as go, based on minutes or miles. The voice on the prompts sound so much like Oprah too, I find that really motivating!

RunKeeper has taken it a step further and also offers Fitness Classes to help you train for a 5k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Fat Loss. The classes cost extra, from $4.99 to $19.99, and are similar to C25K coaching and take you through multiple weeks of runs. If you sign up for Run Keeper Elite ($19.99 a year) you can get additional reporting and tracking of your workouts. Kudos to the RunKeeper team for finding creative ways to bring in revenue.

RunKeeper Free has very few features and is pretty basic. If you want a free exercise tracking app, then I recommend Cardio Trainer. Remember RunKeeper Pro is FREE until the end of January!

Price:  Free/9.99