Jan 11, 2011

App Review: Alchemy

I have really been impressed with educational games on Android lately. Add Alchemy to the list and get the tiny Chemist in your house psyched up for it. This game has the whole family addicted! You begin with 4 elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Combine them and see what you get. Then combine the newly created elements to get up to 360 new elements. Sound boring and more like a Middle School science class? Then wait until you add your newly created Snake to Electricity and create an Electric Eel. Or adding Air to a Worm for a Butterfly. The list goes on and on! Apparently, with enough creations I can create Man! So far we have 146 elements created...

As long as the child is of reading age, they should enjoy it. But seriously adults will love it too ( I made Vodka,  the Flu and a vampire!). If you are ready to learn and have fun, Alchemy is a great app. There is a Free Ad supported version. Seriously think about upgrading to ad free to support this innovative developer.

If you need a little help getting started, check out Android Tapp's video walkthrough:

Price: Free (Ad Supported)/ $4.95 (No Ads)
Tested On: Nexus One/Nexus S

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