Jan 16, 2011

App Review: Rocket Bunnies

Rocket Bunnies is one of the funnest and most original games I have run across on the Android. I was pleased to find that the kids enjoyed it as much as I did. The goal is fill your bunny up with carrots as he travels through different galaxies. He must dodge asteroids, space spiders, electricity and other hazards to reach his goal.

It got difficult pretty quickly and the 6 yr old just resorted to watching up play. But it was perfect to the keep the 9 yr old engaged! This is an extremely fun game! Nice FAQ on the game HERE. The developers say it should also be available on Apple devices (is anyone still using the iPhone or iPad?) soon.

Price: FREE!
Device Tested On: Nexus One (Issues with pre 2.2 versions of Android, see FAQ)
Developer: Defiant Development

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