Jan 9, 2011

Pocket God - Now with Double Rainbow!

The makers of Pocket God never disappoint, and sure Android is several months behind Apple on this app... but oh my gawd, what does it mean? Double Rainbow is now available on Pocket God for Android! It's almost a full on double rainbow, almost a triple rainbow, oh my, I think I'm going to cry....

Seriously, does Double Rainbow ever get old? Not to my kids, but I was really surprised by how many people heard the reference and never enjoyed the original. So here goes:

Updates to Pocket God, which are plentiful on Apple devices and should be forth coming on Android, aare free. It's the App that keeps on giving.

Price: .99
Developer: Ngmoco via Bolt
Tested on: Nexus One, Nexus S (did not work on G1)

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