Feb 26, 2011

App Review: Blow Up

Blow Up is a great little lesson in physics that my family loves to play. You are given different types of bombs to attach to each structure. Your goal is to bring down the structure to a certain level. There is a floppy sock panda, whose purpose isn't completely clear. But if you can blow up the panda you, by hitting the star, you get bonus points. Each bomb has it's own timer that can be set separately for the more complicated structures. This was a feature I never noticed, but the kids figured it out and used it often. Great game for the Demolition Team in your home!

The Lite version is free and the ads are not intrusive. We worked through the free levels pretty quickly. Full version has 90 levels.

Price: Free (Lite)/$2.99
Tested On: Nexus One/G1
Developer:  Camel Games

Feb 22, 2011

App Review: Glow Puzzle

Glow Puzzle is a great educational game for your kids, and they will have fun with it too. The goal is to connect the dots without retracing a line more than once. The lines "glow" It requires forward thought and spacial reasoning, so sneaky. Pretty simple premise, but the puzzles vary in difficulty throwing in an easy one here and there too keep it from becoming too much of a challenge. With 320 levels and animated solutions (you know, in case the kids get stuck) its a great game.

Surprisingly, my 6 yr old loves this game but it is challenging enough for the the whole family. Its a great thinking game to add to your Android collection. It is also available for iPhone and the Windows 7.

Price: Free/.99 (ad free)
Tested On: Nexus One
Developer:  GloSculptor

Feb 6, 2011

App Review: Space Physics

Space Physics is a real puzzle game that makes you think outside the box... way outside the box. The object of the game is to get the ball to the star. Sounds oh so simple, right? You can create geometric objects to achieve this. The size of the object determines is weight. Set the ball in motion by making it interact with wheels (circles), cars (circles with a line connecting them) or dropping a rock (crude circle) next to it. You can make gears, levers and other devices. The first few levels have a tutorial that get you thinking it the right direction.

Space Physics comes from Camel Games, which makes a few of our other favorites including Blow Up (Lite) and Flight Director. You will need to install the Pack for Space Physics also to get all the levels, after the initial app install. This is an awesome educational game and will keep you and your kids busy for hours.

Price: Free (Lite with 6 full levels)/ $1.99 (80 levels)
Tested On: G1, Nexus One, Nexus S
Developer: Camel Games

Feb 3, 2011

App Review: X Construction

X Construction Lite is a physics building game that kids, especially train lovers will enjoy. The name is so generic, and future levels promise to include more construction scenerios. But for now the construction is all about Train Bridges. And that is just fine by my kids. Sadly my kids enjoy the failed bridges just as much, dare I say more, than a successful crossing. That can be completely blamed on the screams of terror that erupt from the poor train passengers as they crash to the depths below.... sometimes they build bad bridges on purpose....

The crossing get more complex and the load, with more train cars get heavier. You are allotted a maximum number of girders for each crossing. Girders turn red if they have too much stress on them and you can repair them for another run.

Currently there is no pay version of X Construction, it's all free.

Price: FREE
Tested On: Nexus One, Nexus S
Developers: Cross Construction