Feb 26, 2011

App Review: Blow Up

Blow Up is a great little lesson in physics that my family loves to play. You are given different types of bombs to attach to each structure. Your goal is to bring down the structure to a certain level. There is a floppy sock panda, whose purpose isn't completely clear. But if you can blow up the panda you, by hitting the star, you get bonus points. Each bomb has it's own timer that can be set separately for the more complicated structures. This was a feature I never noticed, but the kids figured it out and used it often. Great game for the Demolition Team in your home!

The Lite version is free and the ads are not intrusive. We worked through the free levels pretty quickly. Full version has 90 levels.

Price: Free (Lite)/$2.99
Tested On: Nexus One/G1
Developer:  Camel Games

1 comment:

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