Feb 22, 2011

App Review: Glow Puzzle

Glow Puzzle is a great educational game for your kids, and they will have fun with it too. The goal is to connect the dots without retracing a line more than once. The lines "glow" It requires forward thought and spacial reasoning, so sneaky. Pretty simple premise, but the puzzles vary in difficulty throwing in an easy one here and there too keep it from becoming too much of a challenge. With 320 levels and animated solutions (you know, in case the kids get stuck) its a great game.

Surprisingly, my 6 yr old loves this game but it is challenging enough for the the whole family. Its a great thinking game to add to your Android collection. It is also available for iPhone and the Windows 7.

Price: Free/.99 (ad free)
Tested On: Nexus One
Developer:  GloSculptor

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