Feb 3, 2011

App Review: X Construction

X Construction Lite is a physics building game that kids, especially train lovers will enjoy. The name is so generic, and future levels promise to include more construction scenerios. But for now the construction is all about Train Bridges. And that is just fine by my kids. Sadly my kids enjoy the failed bridges just as much, dare I say more, than a successful crossing. That can be completely blamed on the screams of terror that erupt from the poor train passengers as they crash to the depths below.... sometimes they build bad bridges on purpose....

The crossing get more complex and the load, with more train cars get heavier. You are allotted a maximum number of girders for each crossing. Girders turn red if they have too much stress on them and you can repair them for another run.

Currently there is no pay version of X Construction, it's all free.

Price: FREE
Tested On: Nexus One, Nexus S
Developers: Cross Construction

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