Mar 28, 2011

App Review: Zebra Paint

This is a good basic Android App to have if you have young children. It is an app version of the old Windows Paint program. Currently it has 40 different templates your kid cane paint. They can use the standard colors or mix their own. My six year old son and his friends really like this app and constantly save these pictures for me to see later. But my older son wouldn't touch this app with "a ten foot pole" I was told. It is pretty basic, but still gets used quite a bit in my house.

Price: Free
Developer:  Zebra4me
Tested On: Nexus One, G1

Mar 24, 2011

Amazon Android App Store

The Amazon Android App Store is now open for business! I'm not really sure we need yet another way to purchase android apps, but Amazon saw a way to get a tiny bit of your business and went for it! I've known this was coming for awhile, but I wasn't interested until I saw they were offering a Free App of the Day. Today is Doodle Jump which we have been wanting. Angry Birds Rio is also available for free. So there, they got my business.

You can search and browse apps from your computer and enter your phone number or the email address attached to your phone to install the apps you want. You will be billed directly through Amazon.

My boys L-O-V-E the Angry Bird stuffed birds and pigs! So when you can use the money you save on the Free Angry Birds Rio on a plush toy!


Mar 21, 2011

App Review: Farm Tower

This is a fun little game that the whole family enjoys. All the farm animals have escaped to high towers to avoid being eaten by wolves, according to the games developers. Now that the wolves are gone, you need to help get them down. To do this you remove the block structure they are stuck on, one by one. My kids get a kick out of the noises the animals make and the way the bounce around. But it is harder than it sounds!

It reminds me a bit of Boom Bloks, which we love on Wii. I'm listing this one as eductional, since you have to really think and use some physics with this game. It took us awhile to figure out, but you can touch multiple blocks at once, which helps on the more complex levels. This one is a favorite of all the men in my house!

Price: Free/ Pro $2.02
Tested On: Nexus One
Developer:  Nicolas Gramlich

Mar 14, 2011

App Review: NinJump

It's no surprise my boys love NinJump! Currently it is the #1 Android App in our tiny testosterone filled house. This free arcade style game is has a simple pretext - get your ninja up the building safely. There are lots of obstacles to get passed, and a simple will jump will save his life. Jumping from building to building your ninja must avoid birds, some kind of ninja squirrels, building ledges and other ninja, sometimes armed. When you defeat three foes of the same type in a row, you get special skills. The height you reach on the building is your score.

The graphics are great, expect too see some twitter/angry birds. The little ninja is very vocal too, as he makes his way up the building. Feathers fly, and maybe a splash of red, as an opponent is defeated. I expect more from this developer, since they a very active in the iPhone App development market. So maybe we will see NinJump Deluxe on Android soon too? I hope so!

Price: Free
Tested On:  Nexus One, Xoom
Developer: BackFlip Studios, Inc.

Mar 8, 2011

Educational App Review: Math Workout Lite

Math Workout is a game even The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom would like. You know, if she were endorsing Android Apps! We use this game regularly for math drills with my kids. I used to write out my son's times tables several times a week for him to practice on, but this game is perfect. I love the timed games, where you are timed and ranked. From the main screen choose Menu and there are even more games to play. Times Table Practice is exactly what my son needs and I've even agreed to a prize once he has mastered it!

Math Blaster Challenge is an Asteroids type game where you have to enter the correct answer. It goes pretty fast, and gets even faster! But it keeps the game interesting for kids and adults alike.

Did you have a favorite Math App for Android? I would love to here about it!

Price: Free (lite)/ $1.98 (pro)
Tested On: Nexus One, Xoom
Developer: Workout Games