Mar 24, 2011

Amazon Android App Store

The Amazon Android App Store is now open for business! I'm not really sure we need yet another way to purchase android apps, but Amazon saw a way to get a tiny bit of your business and went for it! I've known this was coming for awhile, but I wasn't interested until I saw they were offering a Free App of the Day. Today is Doodle Jump which we have been wanting. Angry Birds Rio is also available for free. So there, they got my business.

You can search and browse apps from your computer and enter your phone number or the email address attached to your phone to install the apps you want. You will be billed directly through Amazon.

My boys L-O-V-E the Angry Bird stuffed birds and pigs! So when you can use the money you save on the Free Angry Birds Rio on a plush toy!


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