Mar 21, 2011

App Review: Farm Tower

This is a fun little game that the whole family enjoys. All the farm animals have escaped to high towers to avoid being eaten by wolves, according to the games developers. Now that the wolves are gone, you need to help get them down. To do this you remove the block structure they are stuck on, one by one. My kids get a kick out of the noises the animals make and the way the bounce around. But it is harder than it sounds!

It reminds me a bit of Boom Bloks, which we love on Wii. I'm listing this one as eductional, since you have to really think and use some physics with this game. It took us awhile to figure out, but you can touch multiple blocks at once, which helps on the more complex levels. This one is a favorite of all the men in my house!

Price: Free/ Pro $2.02
Tested On: Nexus One
Developer:  Nicolas Gramlich

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