Mar 14, 2011

App Review: NinJump

It's no surprise my boys love NinJump! Currently it is the #1 Android App in our tiny testosterone filled house. This free arcade style game is has a simple pretext - get your ninja up the building safely. There are lots of obstacles to get passed, and a simple will jump will save his life. Jumping from building to building your ninja must avoid birds, some kind of ninja squirrels, building ledges and other ninja, sometimes armed. When you defeat three foes of the same type in a row, you get special skills. The height you reach on the building is your score.

The graphics are great, expect too see some twitter/angry birds. The little ninja is very vocal too, as he makes his way up the building. Feathers fly, and maybe a splash of red, as an opponent is defeated. I expect more from this developer, since they a very active in the iPhone App development market. So maybe we will see NinJump Deluxe on Android soon too? I hope so!

Price: Free
Tested On:  Nexus One, Xoom
Developer: BackFlip Studios, Inc.

1 comment:

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