Mar 8, 2011

Educational App Review: Math Workout Lite

Math Workout is a game even The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom would like. You know, if she were endorsing Android Apps! We use this game regularly for math drills with my kids. I used to write out my son's times tables several times a week for him to practice on, but this game is perfect. I love the timed games, where you are timed and ranked. From the main screen choose Menu and there are even more games to play. Times Table Practice is exactly what my son needs and I've even agreed to a prize once he has mastered it!

Math Blaster Challenge is an Asteroids type game where you have to enter the correct answer. It goes pretty fast, and gets even faster! But it keeps the game interesting for kids and adults alike.

Did you have a favorite Math App for Android? I would love to here about it!

Price: Free (lite)/ $1.98 (pro)
Tested On: Nexus One, Xoom
Developer: Workout Games

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