May 11, 2011

Angry Birds for Chrome

Just when you thought it was all about mobile devices, Google goes and makes big announcements about Web devices and services. As excited as I am about the new ChromeBooks, it's all about Angry Birds for Chrome today! My kids are ALL OVER the Angry Birds Chrome Dimension. First challenge is to unlock the levels! And drats, they didn't make it easy, even for dedication Chrome users.

You must find and hit the Chrome Logo Easter Eggs hidden throughout the original levels to get access to Chrome Dimension.  In app payment will be released shortly and you can drain your back account buying the Mighty Eagle!

Not using Google Chrome web browser yet? Why (no seriously, why)?! Get it here and you can thank me a million times over later. Stubborn? Okay. You can still play Angry Birds from other browsers but you don't the the Chrome Deminision levels. So far I have tried Mozilla Firefox, but I understand it works on others as well.
Price: Free
Tested On: Chrome Browser with Ubuntu

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