Jul 9, 2011

App Review: Aqua Pets

My kids would love to have an aquarium, but for now Aqua Pets will have to do! A cute little bubble animal assists you in catching your fish, the better your cast, the better the fish. But you have to be quick, or they will get away. You can keep your fish in your display tank, storage tank or even sell them for Coins.

You can buy additional bait, new fishing rods and fish tanks. The more exotic the bait and rod, the more more exotic and rare the fish you catch could be. Most of the fish have cute funny names, which keeps the kids interest too.

My kids compete to see who can get the rarest fish and they really enjoy maintaining their tanks. My 6 year old likes Aqua Pets a lot and uses his fish tank his live wallpaper. The most annoying thing is the collection Pearls. Pearls are used, along with Coins that you earn, to buy items. But they are very difficult to earn, even for adults. It seems the game maker really wants to you purchase Pearls for real money.

The game maker maintains a strong social presence and can be found on twitter (@aquapetsgame) and Facebook.

Price: Free
Developer: Bionic Panda Games, Inc

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