Dec 13, 2011

Star Wars Android Phone Covers

Fun little craft project for the combo Android and Star Wars fans in your house! $5 at the craft store and you have enough felt, googly eyes and fur to make a dozen of these for all your friends. Technically they could be an iPhone case too, but they are all little too cool for the iPhone... right?

What are you putting under the tree for your Android lover?

Dec 12, 2011

Farm Frenzy Android App Review

My children love Farm Frenzy and we play it as a family. You start out with a Goose, a farm and a well and need to keep them fed and watered, while making money. You can purchase more animals that are useful as you move through the levels. Not sure what the cat does, but a dog will help keep the bears away. But then, those bears sell for good money! You can also build and upgrade workshops to make things from the materials you have gathered from the animals.

There is a little education in the game as the kids learn that the easiest thing to make isn't what sells for the most money and what it is worth to upgrade. A little time and patience and you can make a better product to sell. But mostly it is a cute and addictive game for the whole family, ages 5 and up. One of our favorite paid Android Apps so far.

Price: $1.99
Tested on: Xoom Tablet

Dec 9, 2011

10 apps for 10 days for .10

Google is celebrating 10 billion app downloads in it's Android Market this week. The deal is you get 10 of the most popular apps for only .10 for the full version. Our family is enjoying Farm Frenzy and Jelly Defense so far, but are looking forward to the new offers each day. This is a great way to get a few highly quality apps for super cheap! Do you have a favorite .10 app yet?

Here is Google's visualization of the Android Market, very interesting!

Dec 7, 2011

My Fitness Pal

Tracking your food intake is an essential part of most diets and one of the keys to losing weight successfully. There are dozens of apps to track your weight and food intake on the market, and so this one really comes down to personal preference.  My Fitness Pal is an excellent web interface AND a great full functioning Android App.

Android_diaryYou can also interact with others users on My Fitness Pal, sharing your meals, weight loss and exercise. While the Android App is a little hard to find with the name Calorie Counter My Fitness Pal, it is official app for My Fitness Pal. The food and exercise database are already loaded with over a million items that you can use, or add your own. You can even use a barcode scanner function to add a new food. Add items together for frequently eaten meals like "Typical Breakfast" that includes 2 fried eggs, bacon, coffee and cream. You can use the recipe function to add all the ingredients together and name it "Amber's Zucchini Lasagna" and it will calculate the nutritional value of each serving.

Calories seems to be of upmost importance on MFP, but if your diet, like mine, concentrates on other factors you can customize your details for that. For example, I follow Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure where sugar and carbohydrates are tracked. From the web version you simply go to Goals, Change Goals and Customize. Most of these setting have to be done from the web interface and not App.

To follow my weight loss blog, please go to Me & Jorge.

Qrcode Price: Free

Dec 4, 2011

World of Goo

The long awaited Work of Goo is now available on Android! This award winning game has long been a Wii, Windows and iPhone favorite and now Android has a chance to play with some Goo. Adults and kids with curious minds will love this game as they help the little balls of Goo travel their mysterious world. Help them reach the the pipe at the end most efficiently to win the level. Different colored Goo balls have properties that help you reach you goal. It is considered a Puzzle game, but not like puzzle you've done before I bet. It's a fun way to test your engineering skills!

World of Goo is a beautifully built game and should be a top seller for Android. If Tim Burton were making App, this would be his.

This is the full blown version of World of Goo and should work on all Android 2.2 and higher devices. World of Goo is currently $2.99 in the Android Market. On Dec. 5th the price goes up, so get it now!

Price: 2.99 Full, or Free Demo version
Tested On: Xoom, Nexus One