Dec 14, 2012

Osmos HD

Osmos HD is a family favorite in my household and keeps us all entertained! "Absorb, or be absorbed..." is game motto and it is a total double entendre because we were completely absorbed!

You can absorb other galactic bodies, but only if they are smaller than you, otherwise... they absorb you and you lose. As you move through the atmosphere you expend energy that makes you smaller, so it's important to act quickly. A simple tap of the screen gets you moving in the right direction, and two finger pinch action will expand/shrink the screen to give you a better view of your universe.

There is an Odyssey and Arcade mode and several different awards you can acquire as you move through the levels, each with a different objections. This can be a slow moving game that takes patience, so it may for everyone. But we found it a great way to pass the time. Along with being available for iPhone and Android, they also have Linux, PC and Mac.

Price: $2.99

Dec 9, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds keeps coming up with new variations of its' original hit game, and Angry Birds Star Wars has to be the best yet! All your favorite characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy get into the action as "the game follows a plucky group of Rebel birds in their fight against the evil Imperial Pigs". With over 80 levels, this is sure to keep the gamers in your household, young and old, busy for hours.

While the game is free from the Android Play market, there are a few In App Purchases available. The Path of the Jedi, several Millennium Falcon options (or Mighty Falcon as it is referenced in the game) and upgrade to ad free.

Let the birds be with you!

Price: Free or $2.99 for HD version
Devices Tested On: Nexus 7

Pinterest App for Android

Pinterest is an easy to organize images you find on the web. It is a great tool, especially for visual people, to find ideas and inspiration. It's growing fan base puts in direct comparison the other big players in social media. While there are plenty of 3rd party Pinterest apps, this is the official version.

Pinterest can be accessed via your Facebook and Twitter account, or you can create a seperate Pinterest account. You can also setup Pinterest to post to those social media sites every time you pin something, but if you pin a lot (like me) that might annoy your friends and followers.

There are three main actions in Pinterest:
Repin - Pin an item to your own board
Like - Saves the pin in a general area
Comment - Simply on an existing pin

Also from the App you can save a photo to your device (phone, tablet, etc) or share with any other social media app installed on your device, without necessarily pinning it. Creating your own boards helps you organize your pins better. Recently the concept of Secret Boards has been added, where the board is not visible to the public. A great Pinterest How To Guide can be found HERE.

Price: Free
Tested On: Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus