Mar 25, 2013

The Demise of Google Reader --> Feedly Review

If you're an ardent blog reader then Google's recent announcement on the demise of Google Reader left your scrambling. I use Google Reader to organize and read through a couple of hundred blogs, along with keeping track of comments on my own blogs. So needless to say, this leaves a gaping hole in my quest to wrangle useful information from the internets.

As a Chromebook user, the choices for a Google Reader replacement are a little more difficult to find. And mind you, I'm not looking for anything fancier or more visual. I am also an avid Pinterest Pinner, but when I read my favorite blogs, I'm looking for content - not pretty pictures. For now I have settled on Feedly. Mainly because it meets all my Chromebook and Android needs and because I think the Feedly team understands the way I gather information. (Checkout the Feedly blog for more on that.)

By changing the Settings View to 'Title' I can get a more meat and potatoes view of my reading list, and it feels almost like Google Reader. I imagine in time I will switch to the default Magazine View, and embrace a little change :)

Feedly is available for FREE from Google Play for my phone and tablets and is also available as an Extension for the Chrome browser  (apparently referred to as Feedly Plus) and an App for the Chromebook - so they have you covered!

So RIP Google Reader... you will be greatly missed.

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