Apr 8, 2013

Google Drive App

Google Drive is a group of cloud based products that include Documents, Spreadsheest, Forms, Presentations and Drawings. There is nothing to install or save, simply type drive.google.com in any browser and you're ready to go.

With Google Drive all your data is stored online, in "the cloud". Basically that means your documents are not stored on the local hard drive of the computer you are typing it on. Instead those documents are stored on Google's own servers around the world.

The upside? The upside is limitless, from enabling access anywhere, tight security and sharing controls, awesome real-time collaboration and revision control. Instead of emailing documents back and forth with friends and colleagues, I simply give them direct access to the Google Doc. I don't have to worry about anyone messing up my document, since version control let's me see all the changes they made and step back to an older version if necessary.

Google Drive is the anti-Microsoft Suite, so don't expect it to replicate all the bells and whistles you find in MS Word and Excel. Google likes to keep things simple and clean. If there is a specific feature you're missing, use the "Connect More Apps" button to more functionality to the basic app. A few of the most useful Google Drive Apps I've used are:
  • HelloFax lets you send free faxes from Google Drive
  • Pixlr Editor is a robust photo editor
  • LucidCharts provides hundreds of diagrams for flow charting
  • WeVideo lets you create and edit videos with no additional software

Apr 3, 2013

CardioTrainer GPS Exercise App

I use lots of apps on my Android, but CardioTrainer is hands-down the best one. I have reviewed it in the past, but wanted to give an update. I recently completed my fourth Half Marathon and used CardioTrainer for all my training and on race day, and I have been really impressed.

I will never understand why you would have a runner's watch and an mp3 player. Just strap on your smart phone and you are set! Friends always tell me it seems like your smartphone is too big to run with, but it really isn't. Aside from tracking my workout and playing music, I have my phone in case of emergency.

For awhile I was just using CardioTrainer until RunKeeper got it's act together with Android, but by the time that happened I was already hooked on CardioTrainer.  I use the Free version of CardioTrainer and it has more features than RunKeeper Pro ever did. I love that I can look back over my history and track my workouts, pace and miles. It really helped motivate me and one up myself.

If you are a runner, even a beginner, I encourage you get this app and start tracking!