Apr 6, 2015

Dressing Up Your Google Docs

While document sharing is by far Google Docs' best feature, I need to make my documents "pretty" sometimes too. I use Google Docs to make flyers, newsletters, party invitations, thank you notes, etc. Admittedly Google Docs doesn't always make this easy, but with research I have made some beautiful documents.

A few great fonts to add to your Google Docs:
Alex Brush
Sonsie One
Spicy Rice

How to add new fonts:
In an open Doc, click inside the FONT field in the top left of your screen. A list of your currently installed font will appear, but at the bottom of the list you will see:

F+ More fonts...

Click [F+ More Fonts] to see a list of all available fonts. Simply click the new fonts you want, you can install several at once. Click the OK button once you are done. You can also unselect installed fonts to remove them from your list. Go ahead, scroll through the whole list and add anything that looks fun or useful!

What is your favorite font to use with Google Docs?


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