May 5, 2016

HTC Vive Review - The VR Room

If you 've always dreamed of joining Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Holodeck, the HTC Vive is your chance! Our Vive arrived last week, after ordering it back in February, and was met with excitement from the whole family. We cleared out our mostly unused office and declared it "The VR Room", and it is now the most popular room int the house.

We needed a new amp'ed up PC that we custom built, and decided on a pair of light stands to hold the light boxes. These are a great deal at Amazon for only $22. This was a big investment, about $3400 total

I can't wait to start reviewing our favorite Vive games! So far the most popular are classic arcade style shooters, and everything in Valve's Lab (Secret Room, Robot Repair, Longbow, Xortex, etc).

Favorite VR games so far:
Budget Cuts
The teens have loved the Budget Cuts demo. They navigate their way around an office space, avoiding killer robots, while trying to locate their resume. The Call of Duty expert in our household knew exactly what do to and never missed a knife throw. I've found myself crawling on the floor and attempting to lean on virtual walls (oops!) in this engrossing game. Can't wait to see the full game!

Job Simulator (included in our pre-order)
The 11 yr old loves this! He can't get enough of "eating donuts", making copies of donuts, then eating more donuts. He can play this for hours, but the grown ups don't really see the point of this game. My son says the point "is to mess around with stuff." Enough said.

Tilt Brush  ($29, included in our pre-order).
My personal favorite is Google's Tilt Brush, which basically puts you in right in the middle of a paint program. After goofing around at first, I built a beautiful room hat is really relaxing to create in. The creatives in your household will love Tilt Brush.

Other favorites are Audio Shield, Space Pirate Trainer and Elite Dangerous.

I'll do a more complete review of each game and include videos soon.